The Brazilian law and the contribution of Bruno Fagali

     Brazilian civil law system is drawn from the European civil codes, specifically from Portugal. This law recognizes codified law more than judicial precedent. Also important to note is that the Brazilian judicial system is comprised of state and federal courts.

For one to become a lawyer in Brazil, you must go through a five-year undergraduate education. After that, you graduate with a bachelor of laws (Bacharel em Direito). Only those with a law degree are qualified for bar induction exam.

What roles do the lawyers play in Brazil? In the Brazilian judicial system, the judge takes the lead. In all litigations, the judge is the one to conduct litigation, examine witnesses, investigate facts and appoint experts where appropriate. However there no restrictive classifications for lawyers in Brazil. Lawyers can practice different types of law freely and can represent clients at their own will regardless of the applicable law in the cases. A lawyer who has passed the bar exam is entitled to draft contracts, provide legal counsel and represent clients.

Bruno Fagali

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a popular lawyer in Brazil. His main area of practice has been in the administrative law. His experience in applying administrative law has been unrivalled. Apart from being a specialist in administrative law, he also represents other disciplines such as urban law, regulatory law ethics and compliance. He also deals with matters of public administration law.

Bruno Fagali has been practicing law since 2006. Currently he is the corporate integrity manager at the Nova. He is also an independent lawyer with his own law firm called Fagali Law Firm. Bruno Fagali holds a master’s degree in law from the law faculty of USP. Bruno Fagali role in the Nova is to oversee the compliance rules are followed in the agency. Bruno Fagali has acquired an in depth knowledge of the Brazilian law and have continued to represent clients with great success. Given that he is one of the upcoming lawyers in Brazil, Bruno is poised to have a great career in the legal fraternity. It is in him and other upcoming lawyers that the legal field pegs its hopes.