Ross Abelow and New York Attorneys Overlap Other Industries

For 25 years, New York attorney, Ross Abelow assisted clients in matters related to Entertainment, Family and Matrimonial law and Commercial litigation, he amassed an impressive record of winning tough court cases. Abelow began practicing law after completing his degree at Brooklyn Law School and passing the bar exams in 1990. After years of successful defending his clients, Ross was honored by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism in 2010. With so many lawyers in active practice in New York, the Synagogue holds an annual dinner to honor those of Jewish heritage.

One of the biggest initiatives of Abelow’s civic life happened after the death of his father, with his mother’s health also declining, he decided to establish, The Rita and Lee Abelow Scholarship Fund, as a way to honor them and his heritage. The scholarship not only provides funds for impoverished teens, but it also covers transportation and lodging costs for learning trips to Israel. In addition to managing his work related career obligations and various civic duties, Ross also served as softball and basketball coach for his three daughters’ sports teams.

As one can imagine, Ross Abelow has thrived in a very competitive market in New York City and the surrounding areas. Abelow maintained a grounded perspective by remaining true to his roots and opening his own law firm in Manhattan. Besides the borough of Manhattan, New York attorneys have to be well versed in all aspects of criminal defense and prosecution phases as they applied to the legal system. Because in this particular area of the country, attorneys often practice criminal defense law for awhile before switching gears to become Prosecutors and sometimes the opposite is true.

Besides being busy handling criminal matters for defendants and processing cases against them as prosecutors; New York attorneys have a unique role in the legal profession. New York is thought of as the best place to establish humanitarian and community grassroots organizations. As such, New York attorneys are often asked to prepare press releases, appear on television programs to discuss current cases of national significance and they make announcements to mass markets.

New York attorneys are often asked to prepare reports on local activities to keep the government abreast on matters of public interest. As an epicenter for many other industries, legal professionals in New York must stay current in matters related to fashion, entertainment, world news and trending events.

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