Police Unions Declare War On George Gascon

In sworn declarations, San Francisco police union members alleged that the District Attorney, George Gascon, made remarks that disparaged minorities during an alcohol-fueled rant. This is the latest allegation in a series of allegations between the law enforcement figures. Gary Delagnes, Former Police Officers Association President, in a statement made under penalty of perjury alleged that Gascon made the remarks about the time he served in the Los Angeles Police Department during a dinner that was held in Cambridge back in 2010.
According to Delagnes, Gascon made several remarks that disparaged minorities. Gascon got so loud and animated that his behavior offended the family of an African American patron. The patron approached Gascon and requested him to restrain himself. The spokesman for the office of the DA, Alex Bastian, claimed that whatever Delagnes lacked in credibility, his imagination made up for it.
Since last summer, Gascon and the police union have been having a feud over a blue-ribbon task force that was established by the DA to look into issues of transparency, fairness and accountability. The three-judge panel was formed to seek out any potential bias in the police department. According to Gascon, the police union has been stonewalling the investigation. However, the Police Officers Association denies this.
During the second public meeting of the panel, Chief Greg Suhr was interviewed and the panel officials pointed out that there were negotiations with the union leaders on the date and circumstances under which they would appear before the panel. However, according to Anand Subramanian, the negotiations have since broken down. Subramanian is the executive director of the panel.
Subramanian stated that the union would only agree to appear before the commission if their lawyer would be the only one to ask Martin Halloran, the POA President, the questions. The union released the declarations to the public. The declarations refer to Gascon as a hypocrite. They state that he was the wrong person to handpick a blue ribbon panel that was meant look into police misconduct.


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