Michael Zomber’s Unique History

To do something for ten years prompted by choice probably means there is a strong appreciation. To do something for 20 years where the impetus is desire, usually indicates a love. Michael Zomber has been collecting antique arms and armor in excess of 40 years now, that’s passion.

A historian by love, a storyteller and writer at heart, he has combined this heart and passion to create documentaries, screenplays and published works. It is also worth noting to his credit, that from his years of studying and learning about such antique weaponry has come an appreciation of the horror that war and conflict bring. This is what drives his support of world peace and the various groups and organizations that work toward that end.

How about a biography that cites philanthropist, collector, dealer and filmmaker as a few of the credentials accredited to Mr. Zomber, that is a great deal of ground to say the least. This just sounds like a man driven by something bigger than himself. It may even help to explain how false conviction and a corresponding term of incarceration didn’t deter this unique individual for one moment.

Thankfully that has long since become history, and now this man can continue to preserve and share with the rest of us the stories and lessons that history offers. It seems a foregone conclusion that Michael Zomber will himself be found in the analogs of history for his work and efforts. That seems ironically right. Until then those who know and follow him will be anxiously awaiting the next great book, discovery or film. That will just be one more accomplishment, in his own history.