Lifeline Screening is a Primary Provider of Crucial Medical Information

Lifeline Screening is a company that provides vital testing results in a convenient and inexpensive manner to the general public at large. The tests and screenings are the same procedures that are provided in hospitals and medical testing facilities. It is rare that a doctor’s office provides these screening tests as they are usually referred by a doctor to facilities such as hospitals and testing units.

Lifeline is very convenient and inexpensive as no referral is needed and the testing is performed in public venues places of employment. All tests are non-invasive in nature and do not require the removal of any clothing.

Ultrasound screening is a well-established and highly approved method as it shows the live-action function of various organs in the body. It is possible to view the flow of the blood through the arteries. If any blockages are present they are readily observed. A critical area is found in the Carotid arteries. If these vessels are found to be blocked, a critical path of blood flow to the brain is affected.

Abdominal aneurysms can be detected by ultrasound as well as the detection of possible arterial disease in the peripheral areas with the ankle-brachial screening. The risk of osteoporosis is also detected with the bone mineral density screening.

Only a drop of blood derived by sticking the pad of a finger is needed to form a lipid blood panel this test shows the levels of high and low levels of cholesterol in a person’s blood. This information is vital for medical diagnosis of heart/cholesterol levels and treatment for this condition. Glucose levels show if a person is pre-diabetic or if full-blown diabetes is present. The liver enzyme levels show if liver disease is present.

A limited electrocardiograph shows arterial fibrillation is present, also called A-Fib for short. A-Fib is actually a condition which causes the heart to beat irregularly. This condition can cause blood clots which can cause a stroke. If this is present, an individual’s doctor should be informed right away so proper procedures can be taken to prevent its continuation. For more info about us: click here.

Lifeline screening has been a leader in this field for years and has paved the way for people to find out about their current health. It is better to nip these conditions in the bud so that they don’t develop more serious consequences.