Keith Mann Shows Support for NYPD Via Lunch For 54th Precinct

There has been a lot in the news about violent attacks on policemen and women, and Keith Mann has had enough of it. The founder of Dynamic Search Partners decided to show the NYPD that he supports the work they do and the risks they take to save others. Mann and his wife Keely offered their own sign of gratitude to the men and women in blue at the 54th precinct by buying lunch for the entire group. Then, they showed that they truly care by buying lunch again a second time a month later.

Mann commented that many times a kind word of gesture is not noticed at first, so he repeated the action a second time to make sure the NYPD knows that there are citizens out there that value the hard work they do. He explained that the silent majority of people actually support cops, but unfortunately all anyone hears are the loud protestors who make up a small group of people. Therefore, he urges everyone to say a positive word about the police when they can.

Keith Mann may be the CEO and founder of Dynamic Search Partners, but his wife’s uncle is a detective on Staten Island and for this reason he feels linked to the force. He explained that all of the recent attacks that have been launched at cops during peaceful protests have placed him on edge and feels a bit too close to home to him. At the end of the day Mann elaborated that police men and women go home to their families and are just like you and me. He continued to say policemen should be thanked for their service not attacked.

Mann has spent more than a decade working in the executive search industry and is currently the Managing Director for Dynamics Executive Search where he helps global financial services firm with their recruiting. He found that the hedge fund industry is not served correctly by the search community and has helped to fill that void. He is also a philanthropist who is known for his work with Hope and Heroes, the Uncommon Schools, and more.

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