Keith Mann Recognizes New Generation Leaders through Scholarship

The changing world is not just demanding leaders with old fashioned skills but a new set of abilities wrapped with innovation. This is the gap Keith Mann of Dynamic Search Partners plans to fill in his scholarship program. He has partnered with Uncommon Schools to accomplish this goal. This means each year a graduating senior at Uncommon School’s Brooklyn based highly schools will get the scholarship. Dynamics Search Partners and Uncommon Schools started working together back in 2013. Uncommon Schools is made up of a network of charter schools. Today, it has 42 schools in New York, Massachusetts plus New Jersey.

Graduate and not just attend college
The mission of the initiative is to support the low income students. With the prevailing challenge where students attend college but do not graduate, there seems to be a problem. Keith has stepped in to support the mission of Uncommon Schools of helping low income students. To qualify for the sponsorship, applicants are to explain how attaining a degree would help them progress professionally. This explanation is to be packaged in a 1000 words essay.
Raising $22K for the program
Keith has managed to pull a number of people and companies who have joined to help raise $22K for the sponsorship. This will give millions of low income students an opportunity to go to college. The mission of the two organizations is to support students by giving them practical skills which will help them excel in college and even after they graduate. The program therefore, will support innovation and promote academic excellence among students.
The story of Keith Mann
Keith, for more than 15 years has worked in the executive search industry. This has made him an expert in various fields like hiring strategy, hedge fund compensation plus staffing. In 2002 he made a drastic move of fixing a gap in the hedge fund market. The gap was the minimal service the hedge fund companies would get from the search firms. Four years later, he upgraded the company into a private equity. This led to the establishment of Dynamics Search Partners in 2009. The purpose of the company is to help the alternative investment firms.Today, Keith is the Chief Executive Officer of the search company.


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