Experts Analyze Performance of the U.S. Stocks

On Friday last week, the U.S. stocks closed the day with gains, the biggest gain recorded so far since the year began. On average, for the past one year, the U.S. stocks were down by about 6.5 percent, and about 10 percent on its all time high. Financial analysts are attributing this action to the fears investors have about recession. One of the experts at USAA Investment Solutions, Bernie Williams noted that the stocks will continue to be hit despite what is happening in China and the fact that oil is being considered as a determining factor.

Majority of U.S. stocks ended the week slightly less than one percent up, where the best performer recorded an increase of about 2.3 percent. Head of global equity at HCM investment firm, Joe Sowin, noted that there was a lot of rallying done especially after the stocks hit their lowest on Wednesday. According to Sowin, energy and materials sectors were leading the pack on recovery, although previously their performance was very low. The U.S. dollar also stabilized a bit against major global currencies, where Euro exchanged below $1.08 while 118.82 yen exchanged for one dollar.

James Dondero and Highland Capital Management

Jim Dondero is the President of HCM, an investment firm that pioneered CLOs in early 1990s. The firm was co-founded by Jim and Mark Okada, having working together for a long time in the credit and capital markets. Jim Dondero has worked for over 30 years in the credit and equity markets. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s operations and also its investment strategies. Jim resides in Dallas, TX.

Before James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management, he was the Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life, where he grew its business to about $2 billion within five years after commencing operations. Prior to working at Protective Life, Jim was working at American Express as a Bond Analyst and later Portfolio Manager. He helped the company to raise and manage fixed income funds of about $1 billion.

HCM specializes in high-yield and distressed investments. In 2010, the company established an affiliate to focus on investment and management of Collateralized Loan Obligation. For about 20 years HCM has been operating, it has emerged as one of the largest investment managers across the world. Jim is committed to ensuring that HCM has achieved its goals in the financial industry. Additional info is found on CNBC on