Ease of service makes Handy a handy app to have

In today’s technology driven world, finding reliable professionals for home cleaning and handyman needs should be just as easy as checking email. This is where Handy comes in. Handy is an app and website dedicated to helping customers find reliable professionals. Gone are the days where the only way to find reliable help was through the recommendations of family and friends. Knowing who to trust with important tasks such as plumbing, electrical work and home cleaning has always been a problem. Founders of Handy Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua designed Handy as a solution to the problem. Hanrahan realized how hard it was to find reliable, trustworthy help when he renovated apartments in Budapest, Hungry. Likewise, while attending Harvard Business School with Umang Dua, the same problem persisted in the United states.

The pair founded Handy in 2012 and received venture funding from Highland Capital, Fidelity and other venture capitalists. In November 2015 the business raised another $50 million in hopes of expanding its services. Currently, Handy services most major cities in the United States from coast to coast as well as Vancouver and Toronto, Canada and London, England. Handy hopes to double the amount of cities it services in the next year.
Booking services through the Handy app or website is as easy as checking a bank account or updating a status on Facebook. Payments and tips are all handled through the website. The company also offers a money-back guarantee and will send out another professional if a customer is not satisfied with the first job. Although home cleaning accounts for almost 85 percent of its profits, other services include furniture assembly, painting, moving help, plumbing, electrical and handyman services.
Becoming a professional with Handy is also lucrative. Most professionals will make $15 or more an hour and can set their own schedules. Signing up is easy, but professionals need to have paid experience in their service field as well as be able to legally work in the country they want to work in. Of course, being reliable is another important trait for professionals who wish to sign up. Many professionals have found it more lucrative to work with Handy than local contract companies.