Diversity and the Principal

Diversant is an African-American focused information technology and staffing solutions firm dedicated to providing not only excellent employment opportunities to minorities but also encourages African-American youth to succeed in future career paths. The name of the company itself encourages and promotes diversity within the work place, strengthening the company in its name alone and signifying it as a definitive force of equal opportunity in the United States.

John Goullet, the Principal Executive of Diversant, is a key element in how the company operates. Goullet, through his years as an entrepreneur and high ranking individual in the information technology field, has proven time and again that he can produce results. Goullet helped start Info Technologies, a small IT corporation that would eventually be purchased and added to Diversant. Within five years time Goullet increased Info Technologies to thirty million dollars, placing it as the number eight company on the Fortune 500 listing.

Goullet offers Diversant not only a powerful level of skill as a successful entrepreneur and dedicated professional, but also as a prime example of how dedication and hard work can pay off. Since the information technology field is an ever-changing and dynamic market, thanks to increase in technological advancement, it is a breath of fresh air for companies such as Diversant to include individuals who are willing and passionate about meeting challenges head on. Goullet is such an individual and as a result he is increasing the hold that Diversant has on the market, with the company climbing the Fortune 500 ladder.

Diversant continues to be a shining example of exemplary equality within the United States business world. By providing incredible career opportunities to its staff it is continuing to open doors for minorities, empowering them to strive for excellence and to reach new levels of professional success.

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