Charles Koch and His Group Want People to have a Fair Chance

Charles Koch is one who believes in fairness above all. He does not go for any type of political agenda other than to improve the lives other people. He especially wants to be able to help with the adjustment of the justice system so that it can give everyone a fair chance and not treat people according to outside factors that they have little control over. For instance, the justice system is definitely unfair to people that are poor. Charles Koch himself is interested in helping others build their own wealth so that they don’t have to worry about their next meal or keeping their place.

Mark V. Holden speaks for Charles Koch. He knows about the charity that Koch himself donates to which is dedicated to the idea of the free market. Charles Koch is involved in the Libertarian party. He has helped his brother run for vice presidency for the Libertarian Party. The Koch family has shown a lot of dissatisfaction and concern with the justice system as it is run. Mark Holden in an interview talks about all of the issues they have with the justice system and what they believe should be done with it.

As Mark Holden talks about all of the problems with the justice system, he makes it more apparent that it not only needs to be fixed, but that it would take a lot longer to put in the place all of the tools and resources needed for a better justice system to work. Among the issues that they have with the justice system is that it puts into place a cycle of poverty. People who have been convicted of even a misdemeanor will find that it is extremely hard to find a job where they can support themselves.

One thing that Mark Holden has pointed out is that the justice system has departed from the bill of rights. He states that the justice system should be based on the bill of rights. Charles Koch is in favor of a smaller government. Mark V. Holden says that there needs to be a major downsizing to the criminal justice system. The current criminal justice system is one example of the big-government program that has destroyed many lives for the past 3 decades. Not only that, but trillions of dollars have been wasted on the exploits of big-government programs which has only served to perpetuate problems such as poverty.

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