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Considering how common it is, Arthritis is a surprisingly misunderstood disease. Most people see it as a disease that makes the bones and joints feel stiff with some pain in the mix as well. The truth is that the name “Arthritis” describes a general group of diseases of which there are nearly a hundred of them. Almost a quarter of Americans suffer from some form of Arthritis, according to the Osteo Relief Institute, an organization dedicated to treating arthritis. However, the most common form is osteoarthritis, and women are more likely to get this type.

Osteo Relief Institute

The good news is that osteoarthritis can be controlled to the point where patients can lead normal lives. This requires following some procedures.

  • Stretching before going to sleep at night is a good idea. When sitting somewhere, change positions as much as possible. Standing and walking once in a while is a good idea
  • Smoking can cause damage to tissues, so can being overweight.
  • Do not stress one part of the body too much, always change exercise routines as much as possible.

  • When doing exercise or any other physically demanding work, only take on what you can do, maybe even a little less. Understand your physical boundaries at all times


The practitioners at Osteo Relief Institute have a good understanding of how to deal with arthritis and its related side effects. They have invested in state-of-the art equipment which is capable of finding the exact areas where arthritis is affecting their patients. The core philosophy of the Osteo Relief Institute is to help patients avoid surgery as much as possible. This is done by guiding the patients through various exercises and therapeutic programs to avoid using more extreme procedures.


The Osteo Relief Institute is located in Monmouth County and the doctors are trained to help patients return to previous levels of physical activity, with as less of inconvenience and pain for them as possible (Contact). This is possible with the advances made in medical sciences relatively recently. Getting the first consultation is free and easy. Just call them and set up an appointment.