Manse On Marsh Offers Programs To Stimulate The Mind

It is only natural that families worry about their loved ones feeling isolated, depressed or unmotivated when residing in an assisted living facility. They know that seniors can lose their cognitive skills and abilities if they do not keep their minds active. It is similar to muscles losing their strength when the body does not get enough exercise. This is why assisted living facilities schedule cognitive activities to help seniors keep their minds sharp. The Manse On Marsh is one facility that promotes mental exercise by offering programs such as games and clubs.

Scrabble: Seniors can take part in various games that stimulate the mind, and this includes the classic game of Scrabble. The game is played by spelling out words on the board using their seven tiles to earn points. The game requires seniors to use their spelling, reading and math skills.

Arts and Crafts: Seniors can create something new with their art supplies and their imagination. There are various art projects that require senior to think outside the box, whether they are creating a greeting card or their own home decor. Seniors are also keeping their bodies active through small movements such as painting a portrait or cutting paper.

Reading and Discussion: It is no secret that reading is essential for learning new facts, remembering old facts and using the imagination. The Manse On Marsh offers an on-site library and regularly scheduled trips to the local library. Seniors can check out their favorite book or look for a book that was suggested by a peer. They can also discuss their favorite books by joining the community book club. A good discussion keeps the mind sharp because it requires seniors to listen to others, think about the story and share their opinions. Seniors can suggest books to read or learn about new books from other members.

Trivia Night: There is nothing like a game of trivia to keep the mind active. Seniors can answer questions on various topics such as history, entertainment and sports. A game of trivia allows seniors to test their skills, remember old facts and even learn several new facts.

According to the blog, The Manse On Marsh offers a range of activities and programs that keep the mind sharp, whether seniors are playing a game of Scrabble or checking a book out of the library. Seniors are sure to get plenty of mental and even physical exercise at this assisted living facility.  Contact them online for further information.

What More Could You Ask for at Manse on Marsh?

The Scenery

To me, Manse on Marsh takes great pride in maintaining their grounds for the sake of their residents and guests. The lawns are always freshly cut, there is a large variety of seating arrangements and even paths to walk on for exercise. When it comes to the elderly, their outdoor time is something they look forward to on a daily basis. It really enlightens them when they go out to see beautiful gardening and landscaping. It is along the lines of therapeutic.

Comfortable Atmosphere

The atmosphere of Manse on Marsh is nothing but eccentric and relaxing, which is two things you need during the later years of life.If I had to choose one place on this earth to go once I retire and need some assistance, this would be one of my top choices. It seems as if everything is perfectly put together and nothing is found untidy. If you ask me, anyone in their right mind would choose this place for themselves or their loved one.

Housing Choices

Reviews show that the variety of housing offered at Manse on Marsh is extremely wide in variety. From cottages, to houses and even apartments, it is hard not to find what your looking for. My personal favorite part of the housing at Manse on Marsh is the fact that all homes, cottages and apartments have different floor plans for residents to choose from. Many facilities have hundreds of units with all the same floor plans, making for a rather dull experience. That is definitely not case at this place. Here, residents will have a difficult time trying to decide between the many housing opportunities offered to them by the Manse on Marsh. If it was me, I probably would never be able to decide in a fashionable period of time.  Contact information is available online.