FreedomPop Expands Service In Europe Dramatically

FreedomPop can’t seem to stop coming up with great ideas. The budget mobile phone service also can’t seem to stop growing. is reporting FreedomPop has just raised an impressive $50 million and a significant portion of the funding is being directed towards launching a “free global data hotspot and SIM”.

Placing calls on a mobile phone is a lot more accessible to those on a limited budget thanks to FreedomPop. The startup based out of Los Angeles came up with a brilliant marketing strategy. Once a customer purchases and activates a FreedomPop phone, a set amount of free talk, text, and internet data are provided per month. The phone service also connects via Wi-Fi networks so this makes the phone even more affordable and easy to use. Expanded service is available to those who pay a little extra for it, but this is not mandatory. No contracts are required and canceling is allowed at any time.

Unlike so many other budget services, the actual phones are excellent ones. The quality of the phones made available through FreedomPop is outstanding. Smartphones produced by Samsung, Motorola, and more are made available for purchase. The price on the purchase is usually at a very reduced rate. Even when the phones are reconditioned, they come with certifications of quality.

FreedomPop quickly expanded into other countries. Over 250,000 new customers exist in the United Kingdom alone. In order to meet the growing demand for FreedomPop service in Europe, the new global hotspots and SIM features are being released.

After an initial setup fee of $49.99, subscribers are provided with totally free data in 25 countries. (That list of countries is likely to grow in the coming months) The new SIM cares allow for “free calls and data…..across multiple regions.” The first SIM card to be released costs a nominal $10 fee and covers Europe. Since many customers in the U.K. and elsewhere travel throughout the European Union, the expanded service FreedomPop is making available is sure to be appreciated.

With the current global economic situation taking a downturn, more and more customers are going to look closely at FreedomPop’s cost-friendly service. No matter what new market FreedomPop enters, the company seems to do well. Look for the company to be a major name in the tech industry in the near future.