Kyle Bass and Chain Reactions

Economic markets are co-dependent on one another in the same way the man standing on another man’s shoulders is dependent on the fellow below keeping his balance. The United States is like the acrobat atop the shoulders of a dozen other gymnasts, and China is like one of the guys on the corner of the pile having a cold that’s knocked him out of balance. In a word, the entire pyramid is compromised.

Kyle Bass has seen as much, understands why the compromise is happening, and has never been shy in expressing his views on the subject. Recently on Half Time, Bass and other financial expositors considered the Chinese economic market. Some felt as though it would be in a natural state of decline due to a natural peak. Bass felt the problem was much deeper, and pointed out that the Chinese economy bears striking resemblance to the European economy before its own bank-facilitated collapse. Likewise, China’s banks have been lending in substantial excess to the country’s Gross Domestic Product, or GDP. Bass pointed out on Half Time that China’s banks have the country down $35 trillion dollars, and that their yearly GDP is only $10 trillion. Bass has also pointed out in other interviews that countries which surround China have been lending to the ancient province “aggressively”, and Bass believes this will likewise lead to an economic implosion with global impact. According to Bass, China’s implosion will happen this year, 2016, and will affect the United States economy such that it declines between ten and twenty percent. The bears will be on Wall Street, as the saying goes.

There’s good reason to trust Bass’ judgement of China, even if Bass himself is slightly suspect. The man is from Argentina and currently works as a hedge fund manager out of Texas. Bass has ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a well-known socialist leader of Argentina. Furthermore, Bass has been involved in the manipulation of the United States stock market through a “human rights” group that lowered pharmaceutical drug prices and subsequently the stock of those organizations–against which Bass short sold his own stock. Everyone became familiar with Bass in the financial world when he predicted America’s financial meltdown in 2008 through cogent understanding of the market on which the housing bubble was based. Bass also predicted a different economic meltdown in Japan that resulted in stimulus packages, and so the things he’s saying about China should make anyone paying attention to financial trends arch an eyebrow.  Although the verdict is out on whether Bass can be trusted or not.

The question becomes, though, whether or not Bass is even now trying to manipulate the market in his favor one way or another. It’s impossible to tell directly, but whatever the case, Chinese investments may not be the best idea for 2016.  More information about Bass can be found on Wikipedia.

Kevin Seawright: Making a Positive Change in Newark

Kevin Seawright serves as the CFO and Executive VP of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, also known as Newark CEDC, and he has a Bio up on the website. Throughout his career, Seawright has spanned both the private and public sectors. Beginning in Maryland, his finance career flourished, bringing his construction expertise and financial management to a private industry.

WIth Seawright’s new position with the Neward CEDC, he believes his efforts are positively helping grow the city of Newark. Economic growth is being encouraged throughout Newark through small business development, diverse communities, highways and railroad lines, as well as a summer employment program employing 3,000 students in Newark.

Seawright is devoted to helping the growth of urban cities while also helping improve the lives of city residents, and he speaks about these things on Twitter very often. Seawright was introduced to financial stewardship as a child while working in youth programs. He enjoyed positively affecting the lives of others in his area.

Seawright is involved with several organizations that strengthen and empower communities. He believes that beyond having positive relationships in life, contributing in a meaningful way to a community is a great mark of success. CrunchBase shows that Seawright’s success if due to his skilled data-driven analysis along with his management skills. He constantly works to improve the economy and people’s lives, which continues to motivate him.

Family is incredibly important to Seawright. He considers his family to be one of his greatest successes. He enjoys sports and watching his children play sports as well. Seawright does not consider his work to be complete in Newark. He strives to make more capital available for small businesses and contribute to real estate projects and construction.

Kevin seawright and the newark community economic development corporation from Kevin Seawright

Currently, the Newark CEDC, is whose only client is Newark city, is the primary economic development catalyst for Newark. The CEDC works to retain and attract new businesses as well as help businesses grow by enhancing the capacity for small, mid-sized and minorities. The CEDC also spurs the development of real estate throughout its 20 diverse neighborhoods. By working alongside the city’s Department of Economic & Housing Development, the CEDC initiates and executes programs and activities to create and sustain economic growth, create jobs and give the opportunity of wealth to all of the citizens of Newark. He’s also taken up the mantle of Angel Investor to help bring new ideas and new products to the world.

Charles Koch on Trump and Cruz

Charles Koch has long since been a supporter of the Republican Party. He has supported candidates in various elections and has donated money to help officials with their elections. Recently, Koch noted his displeasure at the rise in popularity of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in the GOP primary.

Along with brother David, Charles Koch is the man in charge of Koch Industries. The mega-billion dollar company is involved in scores of different industries and has been doing quite well for decades. A lot of the money earned through Koch Industries was funneled into other pursuits that helped make Koch a celebrity of sorts.

Charles Koch has garnered a lot of public attention recently with the publishing of a book on management advice. He also garnered press for charitable contributions. Interestingly, the conservative-leaning libertarian has opted to keep a low profile in the current presidential primary. His public statements about Cruz and Trump do not segue into an endorsement of any particular other candidate.

Koch did not take any personal shots at Trump or Cruz. Rather, he expressed dismay at a number of their positions. Koch was not fond of Trump’s attitudes towards immigration and foreign policy. In an interview with the New York Times, Koch expressed frustration over the approaches of Trump and Cruz and felt they would do long-term damage to the Republican Party.

Koch does fund Super PACs (Political Action Committees) and how large or small a role the PACs play in the presidential election remain to be seen. Koch may divert funds towards congressional and senate elections.

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2016 Stock Market is Showing a Silver Lining

2015 Start Market has Boosted Prospects for 2016

The capital gains and flat stock market from the previous year has left the capital gains performance with a bright future in 2016.The overall prospects appear to have gotten a big boost. There has been somewhat of a shift in the investor psychology. This is the good news for the year of 2016. Optimism is on the high side after the year of 2015.

This New Year May be Prosperous
The overall ups and downs of 2015 may just prove to make 2016 very prosperous. The stock market may produce many grand surprises, this is because it is in a very good position. This is due to the risk pendulum. When this pendulum sways to the fear and worry side, there will be a higher possibility of achieving good gains when the countermove swings. This pendulum does appear to be leaning toward a prosperous 2016, however, many will tend to claim that the numerous uncertainties have ensured that the stock market appears to be stuck in an overall rut. The pendulum may have swung toward the fear and worry side yet it brings many possibilities as it sways toward the prosperous end.

President and Co-Founder James Dondero
Highland Capital Management does have an experienced President and Co-Founder with well over 30 years of experience in the equity and credit markets. They call this man Jim. James Dondero is an admired and respected philanthropist also. He is known to support the following:
* veterans affairs
* initiatives in education
* public policy
Jim is very qualified in his current role at HCM. Experience and a remarkable background has left him and this company with an exceptional reputation within this field.

James Dondero is Certified
Mr. Dondero is indeed certified. He is a Certified Management Accountant. He had received his education from the University of Virginia, this is where he also received the highest honors. He did major in Finance as well as Accounting.

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