Brad Reifler: Independence Leads to Success

For many entrepreneurs, the lure of being their own boss starts with having a fierce sense of independence. When this is successfully channeled into a business venture, the results are magnificent. When people in the business world look for success stories involving independence, they look to Brad Reifler. From his days as a young businessman who was determined to take the business world by storm, Brad has used his independent nature to start one successful company after another over the past 30 years.

Developing an interest in hedge funds and investments as a young man, Brad chose to make that his career path. Utilizing his time wisely to study such important topics as credit analysis and institutional research with regards to investing, Brad made sure he would not be outworked by any of his competition. Shortly thereafter, he decided to go make his dream of business ownership come true. Thus, his first and very successful company Reifler Trading Company was born. Viewed as a company that definitely did not do things the old-fashioned way, Brad made sure RTC got well-known by all those in the business of investments. Never afraid to let his businesses cloud his way of thinking, Brad made sure RTC became as well-known as possible. Developing unique sales strategies, using informational research to his advantage, and outworking the competition turned RTC into one of the world’s most successful futures trading companies. However, realizing new challenges were still ahead, Brad chose to sell RTC in 2000 to Refco, which then happened to be the biggest futures trading company in the world. Something that CrunchBase shows definitively.

After this, it’s quite apparent Brad learned how to use his fierce independence to his advantage, and has shared those tips with others. By doing so, he showed future entrepreneurs not only what it took to create his success, but their own as well.