Beer a Dreamer with Eli Gershkovitch

Canada is famous for many things, but craft beer wasn’t among them. That notion is changing because the demand for quality craft beer is raising. It isn’t entirely clear what drives the demand, but there is now a variety of small breweries that have sprouted all over the country.



Changing Taste



Young people have traded in their taste for mass-produced ager to smaller breweries and craft beer (Steamworks). Canadian breweries learn from the best brewers in the world and from each other, always competing for the best beer.



There are a couple of craft beers worth noticing on the Canadian Beer stage.



Propeller IPA is one of them. Brewed in Nova Scotia, this beer won the world beer championship title three times and came in with a caramel flavor.



Another notable craft beer from Canada is Pump House Blueberry Ale. The Very often fruity beer has the aftertaste of the berries or fruit, but not enough beer flavor. This one is brewed in Moncton, and they have managed to create a balance between two.



Eli and His Career



Nobody knows craft beer better than Eli Gershkovitch who is the CEO of Steamworks. His Brewer career wasn’t on the cards since his Bachelor’s degree is in Law. He was going to become an attorney with love for craft beer before he decided to take his passion for craft beer to the next level.



Eli Gershkovitch originally wanted to work in Law, and Law degree comes in handy as does his experience working as an apprentice in a Law firm. He is used to dealing licensing and clients who require different alcohol related legal advice. He used his savings and experience to open his win brewery comfortably.



His trip to one of the breweries in Germany changed his view of beer, turning his career path and ideas upside down. Eli Gershkovitch knows business is still growing in size and production capacity.



Innovation and growth



In 2013 an addition to Steamworks opened its doors. It added 40 thousand hectolitre brewery off Boundary Road making his other factory look tiny.



Eli Gershkovitch and company now produce almost 90 thousand six packs of pale ale and Pilsner. They also make a seasonal beer like Christmas Blitzen which will come into the shops all over the country six weeks before Christmas and stay till after the festivities.



Eli Gershkovitch is living proof that anything and everything is possible.


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