Leonardo DiCaprio Joins Livio Bisterzo’s Hippeas Snack Revolution

     The world we live in is changing all the time with many consumers now looking away from the traditional chips and crackers usually included as snacks by many people. Instead, a new area of investment and growth has been the development of snacks with alternative ingredients, such as Green Park Holdings new snack product, Hippeas; this chickpea based puffed snack has been launched in the U.K. and U.S. to take advantage of the growing number of consumers looking for a healthier item to snack on.

A positive identified by Green Park Holdings founder Livio Bisterzo has been the decision by Starbucks to stick Hippeas in their stores across the U.S. Despite the success already achieved by Hippeas, the news of a new round of investment for the company was greeted in a warm way when actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio was announced as one of the latest investors in the fast growing company. The announcement of the investment from Leonardo DiCaprio as a major investor came amid reports of more than $2.5 million in investments arriving at Green Park Holdings in the wake of the launch of a U.K. office dedicated to expanding the growth of the brand into Europe.

The launch of the Hippeas brand comes at a time when Livio Bisterzo is seeking new channels to launch alternative snacks to take advantage of the growing trend for snacks of a healthier nature to the traditional fried chips; Livio Bisterzo has also reported he is looking to expand the number of products created by Green Park Holdings to include drinks based on the same healthy options expanded upon during the launch of Hippeas. During discussions about the launch of Hippeas, Livio Bisterzo has often explained his contacts developed during his time as an executive with the Kyoku and Little Miracles brands prior to the establishment of Green Park Holdings.

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Eric Lefkofsky: Cancer Cure…It’s Time

One of our most common enemies is cancer. Everyone has experienced it either for themselves, through friends, or through loved ones. Thanks to Eric Lefkofsky some of the latest technology is making a heroic, grand entrance into this battle zone. Lefkofsky, co-founder of the popular discount shopping site, Groupon, has teamed up with Tempus to usher us in to the new age of data-enabled precision medicine.

The Tempus platform supports a software designed to integrate clinical records, and molecular(genome sequence)data. Human Genome Sequencing is believed to hold a multi-dimensional information bank containing data that is detrimental to effectively treating, preventing or curing cancers and similar diseases.

Though, still in a growth phase, the concept of data-enabled precision medicine is to determine highly specific treatments and medications tailored ‘precisely’ to the individual; Eventually, to aid in determining effective, precision treatments before trial or error.

When we look at Business Information systems today, we notice they are streamlined so that processes are literally, clicks in the cloud. Just think how many lives would be affected if this efficiency were applied to medical processing and analysis.

Currently medical information systems are past due for upgrades. As Liz, Eric’s wife, fought breast cancer, he saw this and realized how important efficient technologies can be during our lives greatest battles.

Data-enabled precision medicine is not Lefkofsky’s only project these days.
He and wife Liz regularly promote cancer research through their Lofkofsky Family Foundation, and have donated millions towards for cancer research projects.

The best use of technology would be promoting life. As CEO, and co-founder of Tempus, Eric is leading a movement that will introduce significant upgrades, as well as steady growth to medical technology and the future of medicine. There is no better way to promote life than to continuously open doors and facilitate progress.

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Talos Energy and the Changes in the Mexican Oil Industry

It is no longer business as usual in the Mexican oil industry. The nation’s change from a government-owned oil industry in 2013 that allows for private investment has now evolved to an international investment strategy with recent drilling being conducted by three private energy companies. A massive oil deposit was located just off the coast of the state of Tabasco in the Sureste Basin, resulting in contracts being awarded in 2015 allowing for drilling that began in May of 2017.

The find clearly appears as an excellent opportunity for the new investors that include London-based Premier Oil, Mexican-based Sierra Oil & Gas, and Houston’s Talos Energy. General estimates suggest there may be as much as 500 million barrels located in the basin with a minimum of 100 million barrels. Mexico will profit as well from the project without having to provide the up-front capital. Talos Energy is the first American energy company to conduct business in the Mexican oil industry since 1938.

Talos Energy is a well-known and well-respected leader among energy companies in Texas. They began as a small company of 15 employees and have grown into a much larger operation with over 120 employees. Talos was also tabbed as the best small company in the region by WorkplaceDynamics based on company growth and management philosophy.

This project is not the first rodeo for the management staff at Talos Energy. They began in 2011 with the Phoenix Exploration project and were able to double the size of the exploration operation before selling out to Apache for a significant profit. The company is known in the industry and among oil field workers as a company that utilizes intermediate pay scales and supplements compensation with equity.

This business structure and management policy results in employees also sharing in the company’s growth potential by starting small and building the value of the company with baseline investment. The value of the company is synonymous with the value of the work force at Talos Energy, which is now also poised for an even greater growth pattern.


Securus Technologies Cracking Cold Cases Wide Open

The morning that my team of officers were notified we had a cold case that needed solving, we all paid very close attention. We were in fact the team that arrested the suspect for a crime many years ago, but a new defense attorney found reason to have evidence tossed, and our suspect was weeks away from getting back on the streets. His violent nature puts the entire community in harm’s way, and we were told to get cracking on this cold case now.


Despite the suspect confessing and a mountain of evidence, the one thing we were missing was the weapon he used in those attacks. Without any new leads, it would be like finding a needle in a thousand hay stacks. My team raced to the prison to try and crack this case before he was freed. The inmates knew why we were there, and even if the suspect had been talking, they would never risk squealing on him or they would be labeled snitches and have to deal with inmate justice.


Securus Technologies was the key to solving this case, because we knew those inmates would run to the suspect, and we were hoping he would eventually run to the phones. The company installed the monitoring system officers are now using to listen to the inmates in a whole new way. Instead of listening one call at a time, the LBS software listens to them all and can identify verbiage on any subject.


When our suspect got wind we were asking around, he must have thought we found something he was hiding. He used the phones when the phones were tied up, thinking we could never isolate the call in time. His cries to his brother to get to the family farm and dig up something was all we needed to keep him behind bars for many more years.


Livio Bisterzo attracts Leonardo DiCaprio as an Investor to His Hippeas Brand

     In 2015 Livio Bisterzo, an Italian entrepreneur, founded Green Park Holdings. The mission of Green Park is to bring healthier for you food brands to the broad consumer market. While living in London, where he grew up, Bisterzo began working on a product he thought would appeal to the Vegan market. Working with beans and legumes, he came up with the current product and the Hippeas brand was born.

Bisterzo brought a wealth of experience to the new venture, having successfully launched numerous consumer products over the last decade. Bisterzo was able to utilize his marketing experience and connections to place Hippeas into stores quickly.

The Hippeas brand, a line of healthy chickpea snacks that is Organic, no-GMO and Kosher, attracted the attention of Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio, an ardent environmentalist, is not new to the health food arena. His previous investments include an interest in a sustainable sea food company, Love in the Wild.

DiCaprio was drawn to the Hippeas brand and he, along with Strand Equity Partners (a Chicago based private equity firm), invested an undisclosed amount in the company. This latest round of funding will enable the company to begin much wider distribution of the product.

Starting in March of 2016, Hippeas began selling its products through various outlets including Starbucks, Vons and Albertsons. They are also sold in the UK where the company has an office. This new funding allowed the company to begin expansion into Target, Kroger and approximately 18,500 stores.

The product is designed to appeal to the younger, millennial consumer. The company’s core philosophy is that “taste good” and “do good” can be in the same sentence. This aligns perfectly with the millennial generation’s more healthful and socially conscious approach to life.

In line with its vision to “do good”, Hippeas has created a partnership with Farm Africa. A portion of the proceeds of every pack sold will help support east African farmers.

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Relief is Here With Osteo Relief Institute

Considering how common it is, Arthritis is a surprisingly misunderstood disease. Most people see it as a disease that makes the bones and joints feel stiff with some pain in the mix as well. The truth is that the name “Arthritis” describes a general group of diseases of which there are nearly a hundred of them. Almost a quarter of Americans suffer from some form of Arthritis, according to the Osteo Relief Institute, an organization dedicated to treating arthritis. However, the most common form is osteoarthritis, and women are more likely to get this type.

Osteo Relief Institute

The good news is that osteoarthritis can be controlled to the point where patients can lead normal lives. This requires following some procedures.

  • Stretching before going to sleep at night is a good idea. When sitting somewhere, change positions as much as possible. Standing and walking once in a while is a good idea
  • Smoking can cause damage to tissues, so can being overweight.
  • Do not stress one part of the body too much, always change exercise routines as much as possible.

  • When doing exercise or any other physically demanding work, only take on what you can do, maybe even a little less. Understand your physical boundaries at all times


The practitioners at Osteo Relief Institute have a good understanding of how to deal with arthritis and its related side effects. They have invested in state-of-the art equipment which is capable of finding the exact areas where arthritis is affecting their patients. The core philosophy of the Osteo Relief Institute is to help patients avoid surgery as much as possible. This is done by guiding the patients through various exercises and therapeutic programs to avoid using more extreme procedures.


The Osteo Relief Institute is located in Monmouth County and the doctors are trained to help patients return to previous levels of physical activity, with as less of inconvenience and pain for them as possible (Contact). This is possible with the advances made in medical sciences relatively recently. Getting the first consultation is free and easy. Just call them and set up an appointment.

LaunchPad Holdings LLC CEO Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a global business executive, writer, investor, mentor and entrepreneur. Over the course of his career, he has been involved in the financial services industry where he has helped a number of companies more effectively manage their financial operations. During his career, he has lived in six different countries and worked in 32 nations throughout his 20 year career. He has also worked with many prestigious companies such as GE Capital and Doral Financial. As a business professional, Glen Wakeman has been able to transform businesses in to entities with $15 billion worth in assets. Throughout his years in business, Wakeman has been involved in a number of activities such as helping startup businesses, working with divestitures, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, integrations, assisting in the process of downsizing and also helping companies transition into new market entry and exponential growth.


Before Glen began his career in the financial sector, he first went to college to study business and other fields. He graduated from the University of Chicago where he would gain valuable knowledge about business. This would help him obtain the theoretical knowledge necessary to start his career. With his high level of education, Glen was then in a position to best assist the many companies that he has worked with.

When Wakeman began his career, he would work for a number of companies such as GE Capital. During his stint with this company, he would participate in managing the financial activity of the business as well as provide assistance to clients who were looking to more efficiently manage their financial activities. Along with working for top companies such as GE Capital, Wakeman would also work with numerous other companies by helping them grow and expand. He would also help them merge with other companies to raise capital and assist new companies to get started up and established (Crunchbase). All of this experience has allowed Glen to become a well known and accomplished business professional.


As of today, Glen is currently the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. It is a SAAS firm that helps entrepreneurs increase their success by offering online business planning services. Along with running this company, Glen writes a number of blogs about business transformation, global affairs, leadership, angel investor financing and also emerging markets.

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The Brazilian law and the contribution of Bruno Fagali

     Brazilian civil law system is drawn from the European civil codes, specifically from Portugal. This law recognizes codified law more than judicial precedent. Also important to note is that the Brazilian judicial system is comprised of state and federal courts.

For one to become a lawyer in Brazil, you must go through a five-year undergraduate education. After that, you graduate with a bachelor of laws (Bacharel em Direito). Only those with a law degree are qualified for bar induction exam.

What roles do the lawyers play in Brazil? In the Brazilian judicial system, the judge takes the lead. In all litigations, the judge is the one to conduct litigation, examine witnesses, investigate facts and appoint experts where appropriate. However there no restrictive classifications for lawyers in Brazil. Lawyers can practice different types of law freely and can represent clients at their own will regardless of the applicable law in the cases. A lawyer who has passed the bar exam is entitled to draft contracts, provide legal counsel and represent clients.

Bruno Fagali

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a popular lawyer in Brazil. His main area of practice has been in the administrative law. His experience in applying administrative law has been unrivalled. Apart from being a specialist in administrative law, he also represents other disciplines such as urban law, regulatory law ethics and compliance. He also deals with matters of public administration law.

Bruno Fagali has been practicing law since 2006. Currently he is the corporate integrity manager at the Nova. He is also an independent lawyer with his own law firm called Fagali Law Firm. Bruno Fagali holds a master’s degree in law from the law faculty of USP. Bruno Fagali role in the Nova is to oversee the compliance rules are followed in the agency. Bruno Fagali has acquired an in depth knowledge of the Brazilian law and have continued to represent clients with great success. Given that he is one of the upcoming lawyers in Brazil, Bruno is poised to have a great career in the legal fraternity. It is in him and other upcoming lawyers that the legal field pegs its hopes.


Lifeline Screening is a Primary Provider of Crucial Medical Information

Lifeline Screening is a company that provides vital testing results in a convenient and inexpensive manner to the general public at large. The tests and screenings are the same procedures that are provided in hospitals and medical testing facilities. It is rare that a doctor’s office provides these screening tests as they are usually referred by a doctor to facilities such as hospitals and testing units.

Lifeline is very convenient and inexpensive as no referral is needed and the testing is performed in public venues places of employment. All tests are non-invasive in nature and do not require the removal of any clothing.

Ultrasound screening is a well-established and highly approved method as it shows the live-action function of various organs in the body. It is possible to view the flow of the blood through the arteries. If any blockages are present they are readily observed. A critical area is found in the Carotid arteries. If these vessels are found to be blocked, a critical path of blood flow to the brain is affected.

Abdominal aneurysms can be detected by ultrasound as well as the detection of possible arterial disease in the peripheral areas with the ankle-brachial screening. The risk of osteoporosis is also detected with the bone mineral density screening.

Only a drop of blood derived by sticking the pad of a finger is needed to form a lipid blood panel this test shows the levels of high and low levels of cholesterol in a person’s blood. This information is vital for medical diagnosis of heart/cholesterol levels and treatment for this condition. Glucose levels show if a person is pre-diabetic or if full-blown diabetes is present. The liver enzyme levels show if liver disease is present.

A limited electrocardiograph shows arterial fibrillation is present, also called A-Fib for short. A-Fib is actually a condition which causes the heart to beat irregularly. This condition can cause blood clots which can cause a stroke. If this is present, an individual’s doctor should be informed right away so proper procedures can be taken to prevent its continuation. For more info about us: https://www.youtube.com/user/lifelinescreening click here.

Lifeline screening has been a leader in this field for years and has paved the way for people to find out about their current health. It is better to nip these conditions in the bud so that they don’t develop more serious consequences.

Beer a Dreamer with Eli Gershkovitch

Canada is famous for many things, but craft beer wasn’t among them. That notion is changing because the demand for quality craft beer is raising. It isn’t entirely clear what drives the demand, but there is now a variety of small breweries that have sprouted all over the country.



Changing Taste



Young people have traded in their taste for mass-produced ager to smaller breweries and craft beer (Steamworks). Canadian breweries learn from the best brewers in the world and from each other, always competing for the best beer.



There are a couple of craft beers worth noticing on the Canadian Beer stage.



Propeller IPA is one of them. Brewed in Nova Scotia, this beer won the world beer championship title three times and came in with a caramel flavor.



Another notable craft beer from Canada is Pump House Blueberry Ale. The Very often fruity beer has the aftertaste of the berries or fruit, but not enough beer flavor. This one is brewed in Moncton, and they have managed to create a balance between two.



Eli and His Career



Nobody knows craft beer better than Eli Gershkovitch who is the CEO of Steamworks. His Brewer career wasn’t on the cards since his Bachelor’s degree is in Law. He was going to become an attorney with love for craft beer before he decided to take his passion for craft beer to the next level.



Eli Gershkovitch originally wanted to work in Law, and Law degree comes in handy as does his experience working as an apprentice in a Law firm. He is used to dealing licensing and clients who require different alcohol related legal advice. He used his savings and experience to open his win brewery comfortably.



His trip to one of the breweries in Germany changed his view of beer, turning his career path and ideas upside down. Eli Gershkovitch knows business is still growing in size and production capacity.



Innovation and growth



In 2013 an addition to Steamworks opened its doors. It added 40 thousand hectolitre brewery off Boundary Road making his other factory look tiny.



Eli Gershkovitch and company now produce almost 90 thousand six packs of pale ale and Pilsner. They also make a seasonal beer like Christmas Blitzen which will come into the shops all over the country six weeks before Christmas and stay till after the festivities.



Eli Gershkovitch is living proof that anything and everything is possible.


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