Make up to $1000 a week with Handy

There are a large number of people that have a variety of common, high demand skill sets. Although the market is flooded and these skills aren’t ALWAYS needed, there remains room for people who want to think outside of the box and work in a way that is convenience for the one needing things done. Handy is a booming new company that is looking for experienced individuals who meet at least the minimum criteria to freelance doing specific jobs for customers. Handy is constantly dipping their feet in everything, meaning both now and eventually they will have virtually everything you need on-demand. One thing that a lot of people aren’t used to, even now in the 21st century, is on-demand everything.

Sure, your television provider may be on-demand. Your microwave meals may be on-demand, too.. but cleaning, help with installing things, just about anything really no matter how minuscule? That’s something that Handy does first, and if they expand it to the right degree, they will more than likely end up a mega-service of sorts. Any service that is able to offer people everything, employ those who are looking to put their skills to the test, and deliver it all on an efficient platform to both sides, is an absolute game-changer.

And the best part is that Handy is affordable. Their prices range, but it is basically anywhere from $39-70. You can get the details on their website as they are bound to possibly change or vary, but for the most part, it’s much cheaper than any other service you’ll read or hear about locally — and it’s much more flexible, (which is huge). No more having to make appointments, wait, and hope that they didn’t miss anything or you don’t have issues. No puns intended, Handy handles all transactions, making it less stressful on you. If you have any issues or questions about the service, you can always contact, as their service has had high ratings since its opening.

Talent Is Written All Over Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a unique man with many talents. He’s an entrepreneur, author, technologist, a columnist, a public speaker, and the founder over 15 companies. Eric Pulier was raised in Teaneck, New Jersey. Eric is such a genius that while he was in the fourth grade, he began programming computers and started a database computer company in high school. He attended Teaneck high school and graduated in 1984.

After High school, he moved forward in his life to attend Harvard University. Their he studied English and American Literature, environmental studies, computer science and visual. With Eric being a wiz, he received his BA, and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

In 1991, he moved to Los Angeles where he founded, People Doing Big Things. This company entailed education, health and significant things through technology. He also called it upon himself to create a interactive agency called digital evolution. Since Eric has such a heart for people he built a network called, Starbright World. This network was to connect chronically ill children through chatting, blogging and much more! He wanted kids to empower each other, and give them a way to share similar experiences.

Lastly, Eric has published a book called “Understanding Enterprise SOA”. This book is directed towards anyone, but specifically to business minded individuals. The book also explains how to design, develop, run, and secure an SOA. If you are looking for a way to expand the way you think, reading the book will benefit you in the long run. Eric is a diligent man with many talents!

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Diversity and the Principal

Diversant is an African-American focused information technology and staffing solutions firm dedicated to providing not only excellent employment opportunities to minorities but also encourages African-American youth to succeed in future career paths. The name of the company itself encourages and promotes diversity within the work place, strengthening the company in its name alone and signifying it as a definitive force of equal opportunity in the United States.

John Goullet, the Principal Executive of Diversant, is a key element in how the company operates. Goullet, through his years as an entrepreneur and high ranking individual in the information technology field, has proven time and again that he can produce results. Goullet helped start Info Technologies, a small IT corporation that would eventually be purchased and added to Diversant. Within five years time Goullet increased Info Technologies to thirty million dollars, placing it as the number eight company on the Fortune 500 listing.

Goullet offers Diversant not only a powerful level of skill as a successful entrepreneur and dedicated professional, but also as a prime example of how dedication and hard work can pay off. Since the information technology field is an ever-changing and dynamic market, thanks to increase in technological advancement, it is a breath of fresh air for companies such as Diversant to include individuals who are willing and passionate about meeting challenges head on. Goullet is such an individual and as a result he is increasing the hold that Diversant has on the market, with the company climbing the Fortune 500 ladder.

Diversant continues to be a shining example of exemplary equality within the United States business world. By providing incredible career opportunities to its staff it is continuing to open doors for minorities, empowering them to strive for excellence and to reach new levels of professional success.

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Keith Mann Recognizes New Generation Leaders through Scholarship

The changing world is not just demanding leaders with old fashioned skills but a new set of abilities wrapped with innovation. This is the gap Keith Mann of Dynamic Search Partners plans to fill in his scholarship program. He has partnered with Uncommon Schools to accomplish this goal. This means each year a graduating senior at Uncommon School’s Brooklyn based highly schools will get the scholarship. Dynamics Search Partners and Uncommon Schools started working together back in 2013. Uncommon Schools is made up of a network of charter schools. Today, it has 42 schools in New York, Massachusetts plus New Jersey.

Graduate and not just attend college
The mission of the initiative is to support the low income students. With the prevailing challenge where students attend college but do not graduate, there seems to be a problem. Keith has stepped in to support the mission of Uncommon Schools of helping low income students. To qualify for the sponsorship, applicants are to explain how attaining a degree would help them progress professionally. This explanation is to be packaged in a 1000 words essay.
Raising $22K for the program
Keith has managed to pull a number of people and companies who have joined to help raise $22K for the sponsorship. This will give millions of low income students an opportunity to go to college. The mission of the two organizations is to support students by giving them practical skills which will help them excel in college and even after they graduate. The program therefore, will support innovation and promote academic excellence among students.
The story of Keith Mann
Keith, for more than 15 years has worked in the executive search industry. This has made him an expert in various fields like hiring strategy, hedge fund compensation plus staffing. In 2002 he made a drastic move of fixing a gap in the hedge fund market. The gap was the minimal service the hedge fund companies would get from the search firms. Four years later, he upgraded the company into a private equity. This led to the establishment of Dynamics Search Partners in 2009. The purpose of the company is to help the alternative investment firms.Today, Keith is the Chief Executive Officer of the search company.


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James Dondero’s HCM Decreases its Stake in Athenahealth, Inc

James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management reduced its share in Athenahealth, Inc by 83.13%; based on the latest 2016 first quarter filling with SEC. HCM LP. sold almost 79,000 shares as the firm’s stock declined by 12.29% whereas the stock markets rallied. Dondero’s hedge fund held 16,024 shares of miscellaneous firm at the end of the first quarter of 2016 valued at $2.2 million. This was a decrease from the 95,000 that was held at the end of previous reported quarter. HCM, which had been investing in the Athenahealth, Inc for quite some months, appears less bullish on the $5.1 billion cap firm. Despite the negative news, the stock is still up 0.8% or $1.03 going $130.57.

According to the filling, HCM upped its stake in the Sally Beauty Hldgs Inc by 516,848 shares valued at about $21.9 million in the first quarter of 2016. The company also increased its share in Progressive Corp Ohio by 345,150 in the same financial quarter, for a sum of 355,150 shares. Its stake has also risen in the Salesforce Com, Inc.

The Athenahealth, Inc . is a firm that provides mobile applications and cloud services for health systems and medical groups. The firm has a market cap reaching $5.1 billion. Athenahealth, Inc. delivers its services for revenue cycle management, patient engagement, electronic health records, order transmission, care coordination, population health management, clinical decision support, and order transmission. These services help the firm to connect to healthcare processes and info, and drive result for over 75,000 healthcare providers.

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James Dondero

Mr. Dondero is the president and Co-founder of the Highland Capital Management, LP., which is the biggest manager of collateralized loan obligation all over the US by dollar amount. Jim serves as chairman of Board and CEO at HCM Acquisition Company; chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical and NexBank; and as a Member of the Board of the MGM Studios and American Banknote.

Before starting HCM, Jim, as a Chief Investment Officer, helped in the creation of GIC subsidiary of Protective Life right from inception to more than $2 Billion in just 4 years. From 1985 to 1989, Dondero worked as a Corporate Bond Analyst and later as a Portfolio Manager at the American Express. Dondero started his career working as an analyst in the Morgan Guaranty in 1984.

Mr. Dondero is a graduate of the University of Virginia where he obtained the highest honors (Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma). He later joined McIntire School of Commerce and graduated with dual majors in Finance and Accounting. Jim has obtained certifications as a CPA, CMA and FCA.

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Police Unions Declare War On George Gascon

In sworn declarations, San Francisco police union members alleged that the District Attorney, George Gascon, made remarks that disparaged minorities during an alcohol-fueled rant. This is the latest allegation in a series of allegations between the law enforcement figures. Gary Delagnes, Former Police Officers Association President, in a statement made under penalty of perjury alleged that Gascon made the remarks about the time he served in the Los Angeles Police Department during a dinner that was held in Cambridge back in 2010.
According to Delagnes, Gascon made several remarks that disparaged minorities. Gascon got so loud and animated that his behavior offended the family of an African American patron. The patron approached Gascon and requested him to restrain himself. The spokesman for the office of the DA, Alex Bastian, claimed that whatever Delagnes lacked in credibility, his imagination made up for it.
Since last summer, Gascon and the police union have been having a feud over a blue-ribbon task force that was established by the DA to look into issues of transparency, fairness and accountability. The three-judge panel was formed to seek out any potential bias in the police department. According to Gascon, the police union has been stonewalling the investigation. However, the Police Officers Association denies this.
During the second public meeting of the panel, Chief Greg Suhr was interviewed and the panel officials pointed out that there were negotiations with the union leaders on the date and circumstances under which they would appear before the panel. However, according to Anand Subramanian, the negotiations have since broken down. Subramanian is the executive director of the panel.
Subramanian stated that the union would only agree to appear before the commission if their lawyer would be the only one to ask Martin Halloran, the POA President, the questions. The union released the declarations to the public. The declarations refer to Gascon as a hypocrite. They state that he was the wrong person to handpick a blue ribbon panel that was meant look into police misconduct.


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Michael Zomber’s Unique History

To do something for ten years prompted by choice probably means there is a strong appreciation. To do something for 20 years where the impetus is desire, usually indicates a love. Michael Zomber has been collecting antique arms and armor in excess of 40 years now, that’s passion.

A historian by love, a storyteller and writer at heart, he has combined this heart and passion to create documentaries, screenplays and published works. It is also worth noting to his credit, that from his years of studying and learning about such antique weaponry has come an appreciation of the horror that war and conflict bring. This is what drives his support of world peace and the various groups and organizations that work toward that end.

How about a biography that cites philanthropist, collector, dealer and filmmaker as a few of the credentials accredited to Mr. Zomber, that is a great deal of ground to say the least. This just sounds like a man driven by something bigger than himself. It may even help to explain how false conviction and a corresponding term of incarceration didn’t deter this unique individual for one moment.

Thankfully that has long since become history, and now this man can continue to preserve and share with the rest of us the stories and lessons that history offers. It seems a foregone conclusion that Michael Zomber will himself be found in the analogs of history for his work and efforts. That seems ironically right. Until then those who know and follow him will be anxiously awaiting the next great book, discovery or film. That will just be one more accomplishment, in his own history.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Introduce New Collections

Marie Claire magazine recently conducted an interview with the beautiful Kate Hudson, co-founder and spokeswoman of Fabletics. For those of you who haven’t heard of the popular athleisure brand, its stylish athletic wear that you can order online or subscribe to. With the brand taking off a couple of years back, it has seen great success in a short amount of time. Athleisure is not only a line of clothing, but it has become a lifestyle. People are attracted to the comfort and cuteness of the athletic wear. In the interview, Kate talks about two new additions to the Fabletics line.

Along with the usual trendy athletic pants, tops and jackets, Fabletics has introduced a line of dresses. Made from the same comfortable, breathable material, these dresses allow you to move freely while shaping your body similar to what a spanx would do. With a sleek, current look on, these dresses are sure to go with any occasions and be suitable for your day whether you’re out on the town or just casually running errands. In addition to the dresses, they added a swimwear line as well on With the same breathable and supportive material, they’ve created a line of fun and flirty swimwear certain to please athleisure addicts everywhere.

If you aren’t familiar with Fabletics, it’s a website based company that allows you to subscribe to receive monthly packages from their collection. What’s highly desirable about the subscription is that it’s so reasonably priced. You can make an account to subscribe and make a profile containing your preferences in style and size. The you can look forward to deliveries each month at your door of adorable athleisure wear. Competitor brands can cost a fortune so it’s nice for athleisure buyers to be able to rely on fashionable clothing at an affordable cost.

If you’re looking for a way to add athleisure products to your wardrobe, Fabletics is a great option for you. What’s great now is that they have added dresses which can be used in instances you want to dress up a bit without putting in the work. Like Kate Hudson mentions in the interview, it’s every lazy gals dream. Athleisure is such a big lifestyle and these new additions to the collection will have athleisure addicts running to the site.

Lime Crime Hits Two Million Followers on Instagram


On May 2016, Lime Crime surpassed two million followers on its Instagram platform. The company is popular amongst teenagers and young women because of its radical and trend-setting shades. Deere is the founder, CEO and brand ambassador of the firm. She pioneered the e-commerce cosmetic business model, introduced her popular rainbow-colored makeup and successfully marketed her products using social media. In the process, she gained a cult following for her innovative and bold products.

Deere explained that Instagram is only one of the platform that Lime Crime uses to create a global marketing campaign while at the same time interacting with all its customers. With such a huge following from makeup enthusiasts around the world, it only makes sense to use a social media platform that will reach every one of them and allow them to engage in an interactive shopping experience.

Many of the firm’s Instagram posts ranging from pictures of trendy nail artwork to beautifully applied lipstick. This highlights her follower’s creativity. Deere is keen on selling cruelty-free products. Lime Crime aims to inspire all its customers around the world to become fearless in their looks, makeup and fashion. Deere has on occasion stated that the whole Lime Crime community is constantly amazed at the look that its customers create using products produced by the company.

All of the Instagram photos are hosted on the company’s website. This allows customers and visitors to see what the products look like. It also helps many potential customers to know which products will best suit their look. This allows the company to showcase what its products look like when paired with different hair colors and skin tones.

Lime Crime is a privately held company that sells cosmetic and makeup products. It is based in Los Angeles, California, and believes in creating unique cosmetics that can be used by customers as a form of fashion expression and freedom. Since its inception, the firm has concentrated in coming up with innovative and trend-setting shades that are unique to the cosmetic world.

Doe Deere

Doe Deere is an American citizen with Russian ancestry. In 1999, she moved to the United States to pursue her American dream. She has a unique interest in music, fashion, social media and entrepreneurship. She runs successful media accounts on various platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. She also has her own blog called Doe Deere Blogazine.

Deere has successfully managed to market her cosmetics company, Lime Crime, on social media. This successful marketing strategy has earned her a legion of loyal followers who share and embrace her fashion sense. Eight years since she founded her company, Deere continues to apply the same creativity that saw her successfully grow and cement Lime Crime’s position as a premier cosmetic company. She has managed to create a unique, highly engaging and popular social media experience for all her loyal clients and followers. She enjoys an audience that spans the entire globe.