Charles Koch and His Group Want People to have a Fair Chance

Charles Koch is one who believes in fairness above all. He does not go for any type of political agenda other than to improve the lives other people. He especially wants to be able to help with the adjustment of the justice system so that it can give everyone a fair chance and not treat people according to outside factors that they have little control over. For instance, the justice system is definitely unfair to people that are poor. Charles Koch himself is interested in helping others build their own wealth so that they don’t have to worry about their next meal or keeping their place.

Mark V. Holden speaks for Charles Koch. He knows about the charity that Koch himself donates to which is dedicated to the idea of the free market. Charles Koch is involved in the Libertarian party. He has helped his brother run for vice presidency for the Libertarian Party. The Koch family has shown a lot of dissatisfaction and concern with the justice system as it is run. Mark Holden in an interview talks about all of the issues they have with the justice system and what they believe should be done with it.

As Mark Holden talks about all of the problems with the justice system, he makes it more apparent that it not only needs to be fixed, but that it would take a lot longer to put in the place all of the tools and resources needed for a better justice system to work. Among the issues that they have with the justice system is that it puts into place a cycle of poverty. People who have been convicted of even a misdemeanor will find that it is extremely hard to find a job where they can support themselves.

One thing that Mark Holden has pointed out is that the justice system has departed from the bill of rights. He states that the justice system should be based on the bill of rights. Charles Koch is in favor of a smaller government. Mark V. Holden says that there needs to be a major downsizing to the criminal justice system. The current criminal justice system is one example of the big-government program that has destroyed many lives for the past 3 decades. Not only that, but trillions of dollars have been wasted on the exploits of big-government programs which has only served to perpetuate problems such as poverty.

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Keith Mann Shows Support for NYPD Via Lunch For 54th Precinct

There has been a lot in the news about violent attacks on policemen and women, and Keith Mann has had enough of it. The founder of Dynamic Search Partners decided to show the NYPD that he supports the work they do and the risks they take to save others. Mann and his wife Keely offered their own sign of gratitude to the men and women in blue at the 54th precinct by buying lunch for the entire group. Then, they showed that they truly care by buying lunch again a second time a month later.

Mann commented that many times a kind word of gesture is not noticed at first, so he repeated the action a second time to make sure the NYPD knows that there are citizens out there that value the hard work they do. He explained that the silent majority of people actually support cops, but unfortunately all anyone hears are the loud protestors who make up a small group of people. Therefore, he urges everyone to say a positive word about the police when they can.

Keith Mann may be the CEO and founder of Dynamic Search Partners, but his wife’s uncle is a detective on Staten Island and for this reason he feels linked to the force. He explained that all of the recent attacks that have been launched at cops during peaceful protests have placed him on edge and feels a bit too close to home to him. At the end of the day Mann elaborated that police men and women go home to their families and are just like you and me. He continued to say policemen should be thanked for their service not attacked.

Mann has spent more than a decade working in the executive search industry and is currently the Managing Director for Dynamics Executive Search where he helps global financial services firm with their recruiting. He found that the hedge fund industry is not served correctly by the search community and has helped to fill that void. He is also a philanthropist who is known for his work with Hope and Heroes, the Uncommon Schools, and more.

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Ease of service makes Handy a handy app to have

In today’s technology driven world, finding reliable professionals for home cleaning and handyman needs should be just as easy as checking email. This is where Handy comes in. Handy is an app and website dedicated to helping customers find reliable professionals. Gone are the days where the only way to find reliable help was through the recommendations of family and friends. Knowing who to trust with important tasks such as plumbing, electrical work and home cleaning has always been a problem. Founders of Handy Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua designed Handy as a solution to the problem. Hanrahan realized how hard it was to find reliable, trustworthy help when he renovated apartments in Budapest, Hungry. Likewise, while attending Harvard Business School with Umang Dua, the same problem persisted in the United states.

The pair founded Handy in 2012 and received venture funding from Highland Capital, Fidelity and other venture capitalists. In November 2015 the business raised another $50 million in hopes of expanding its services. Currently, Handy services most major cities in the United States from coast to coast as well as Vancouver and Toronto, Canada and London, England. Handy hopes to double the amount of cities it services in the next year.
Booking services through the Handy app or website is as easy as checking a bank account or updating a status on Facebook. Payments and tips are all handled through the website. The company also offers a money-back guarantee and will send out another professional if a customer is not satisfied with the first job. Although home cleaning accounts for almost 85 percent of its profits, other services include furniture assembly, painting, moving help, plumbing, electrical and handyman services.
Becoming a professional with Handy is also lucrative. Most professionals will make $15 or more an hour and can set their own schedules. Signing up is easy, but professionals need to have paid experience in their service field as well as be able to legally work in the country they want to work in. Of course, being reliable is another important trait for professionals who wish to sign up. Many professionals have found it more lucrative to work with Handy than local contract companies.

Putting Smiles on a Children’s Faces through GoFundMe Campaigns

Crowdfunding is one of the most common ways for people raise money today. It involves people coming together to donate money to fund a particular cause. GoFundMe is one site that people use when they need to crowdsource funds for various campaigns. There exist no limitations on the type of campaigns that people can raise money for. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is one individual who took uses the site to raise funds for Operation Smile. The campaign aims to raise 2,000 USD to help children that cannot afford oral care.Read more:

A Reason to Smile

Cleft palate and cleft lip are conditions that a lot of children in the world suffer from. In some cases, a child may have to live with the ailment because of lack of money for an operation. Operation Smile aims to provide the necessary care for children suffering from such conditions. The foundation also makes it possible for children around the world to get oral care, which is not always affordable to some. Through his GoFundMe campaign, Dr. Weisfogel aims to raise money towards the charity to contribute to the work it does across the globe.

A smile is something that very individual strives to have, but some children don’t have that pleasure. Children born with facial deformities may get surgery to improve their smiles, and that is what Operation Smile is all about. In his stride to help raise money for the foundation Dr. Wesfogel is working to put more smiles on millions of children. Any money that goes into Wesfogels’ GofundMe account will go directly to Operation Smile.

Dr. Weisfogel and Charity

Avi Weisfogel’s interest in this particular foundation is not by coincidence. He has been a big contributor in the field of dentistry. Combined with his passion for charity, it resulted in the formation of Operation Smile. Weisfogel was a dentist in New Jersey but left his practice to deal with sleep patients. He studied at the New York University College of Dentistry and also has a B.A in psychology and biology from Rutgers University. He had his own practice, which he ran for 15 years until he decided to delve into sleep treatment.

Weisfogel owns Dental Sleep Masters where he educates dentists and other medical professionals on how to treat their patients accordingly. He is helping other dentists understand how sleep apnea can affect oral health. Through his dedication to understanding and treating sleep disorders, he has become an expert in the field. Weisfogel continues to find the best ways to improve the life of individuals with sleep disorders.

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Experts Analyze Performance of the U.S. Stocks

On Friday last week, the U.S. stocks closed the day with gains, the biggest gain recorded so far since the year began. On average, for the past one year, the U.S. stocks were down by about 6.5 percent, and about 10 percent on its all time high. Financial analysts are attributing this action to the fears investors have about recession. One of the experts at USAA Investment Solutions, Bernie Williams noted that the stocks will continue to be hit despite what is happening in China and the fact that oil is being considered as a determining factor.

Majority of U.S. stocks ended the week slightly less than one percent up, where the best performer recorded an increase of about 2.3 percent. Head of global equity at HCM investment firm, Joe Sowin, noted that there was a lot of rallying done especially after the stocks hit their lowest on Wednesday. According to Sowin, energy and materials sectors were leading the pack on recovery, although previously their performance was very low. The U.S. dollar also stabilized a bit against major global currencies, where Euro exchanged below $1.08 while 118.82 yen exchanged for one dollar.

James Dondero and Highland Capital Management

Jim Dondero is the President of HCM, an investment firm that pioneered CLOs in early 1990s. The firm was co-founded by Jim and Mark Okada, having working together for a long time in the credit and capital markets. Jim Dondero has worked for over 30 years in the credit and equity markets. He is responsible for overseeing the company’s operations and also its investment strategies. Jim resides in Dallas, TX.

Before James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management, he was the Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life, where he grew its business to about $2 billion within five years after commencing operations. Prior to working at Protective Life, Jim was working at American Express as a Bond Analyst and later Portfolio Manager. He helped the company to raise and manage fixed income funds of about $1 billion.

HCM specializes in high-yield and distressed investments. In 2010, the company established an affiliate to focus on investment and management of Collateralized Loan Obligation. For about 20 years HCM has been operating, it has emerged as one of the largest investment managers across the world. Jim is committed to ensuring that HCM has achieved its goals in the financial industry. Additional info is found on CNBC on

FreedomPop Expands Service In Europe Dramatically

FreedomPop can’t seem to stop coming up with great ideas. The budget mobile phone service also can’t seem to stop growing. is reporting FreedomPop has just raised an impressive $50 million and a significant portion of the funding is being directed towards launching a “free global data hotspot and SIM”.

Placing calls on a mobile phone is a lot more accessible to those on a limited budget thanks to FreedomPop. The startup based out of Los Angeles came up with a brilliant marketing strategy. Once a customer purchases and activates a FreedomPop phone, a set amount of free talk, text, and internet data are provided per month. The phone service also connects via Wi-Fi networks so this makes the phone even more affordable and easy to use. Expanded service is available to those who pay a little extra for it, but this is not mandatory. No contracts are required and canceling is allowed at any time.

Unlike so many other budget services, the actual phones are excellent ones. The quality of the phones made available through FreedomPop is outstanding. Smartphones produced by Samsung, Motorola, and more are made available for purchase. The price on the purchase is usually at a very reduced rate. Even when the phones are reconditioned, they come with certifications of quality.

FreedomPop quickly expanded into other countries. Over 250,000 new customers exist in the United Kingdom alone. In order to meet the growing demand for FreedomPop service in Europe, the new global hotspots and SIM features are being released.

After an initial setup fee of $49.99, subscribers are provided with totally free data in 25 countries. (That list of countries is likely to grow in the coming months) The new SIM cares allow for “free calls and data…..across multiple regions.” The first SIM card to be released costs a nominal $10 fee and covers Europe. Since many customers in the U.K. and elsewhere travel throughout the European Union, the expanded service FreedomPop is making available is sure to be appreciated.

With the current global economic situation taking a downturn, more and more customers are going to look closely at FreedomPop’s cost-friendly service. No matter what new market FreedomPop enters, the company seems to do well. Look for the company to be a major name in the tech industry in the near future.

Ross Abelow and New York Attorneys Overlap Other Industries

For 25 years, New York attorney, Ross Abelow assisted clients in matters related to Entertainment, Family and Matrimonial law and Commercial litigation, he amassed an impressive record of winning tough court cases. Abelow began practicing law after completing his degree at Brooklyn Law School and passing the bar exams in 1990. After years of successful defending his clients, Ross was honored by the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism in 2010. With so many lawyers in active practice in New York, the Synagogue holds an annual dinner to honor those of Jewish heritage.

One of the biggest initiatives of Abelow’s civic life happened after the death of his father, with his mother’s health also declining, he decided to establish, The Rita and Lee Abelow Scholarship Fund, as a way to honor them and his heritage. The scholarship not only provides funds for impoverished teens, but it also covers transportation and lodging costs for learning trips to Israel. In addition to managing his work related career obligations and various civic duties, Ross also served as softball and basketball coach for his three daughters’ sports teams.

As one can imagine, Ross Abelow has thrived in a very competitive market in New York City and the surrounding areas. Abelow maintained a grounded perspective by remaining true to his roots and opening his own law firm in Manhattan. Besides the borough of Manhattan, New York attorneys have to be well versed in all aspects of criminal defense and prosecution phases as they applied to the legal system. Because in this particular area of the country, attorneys often practice criminal defense law for awhile before switching gears to become Prosecutors and sometimes the opposite is true.

Besides being busy handling criminal matters for defendants and processing cases against them as prosecutors; New York attorneys have a unique role in the legal profession. New York is thought of as the best place to establish humanitarian and community grassroots organizations. As such, New York attorneys are often asked to prepare press releases, appear on television programs to discuss current cases of national significance and they make announcements to mass markets.

New York attorneys are often asked to prepare reports on local activities to keep the government abreast on matters of public interest. As an epicenter for many other industries, legal professionals in New York must stay current in matters related to fashion, entertainment, world news and trending events.

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Brad Reifler: Independence Leads to Success

For many entrepreneurs, the lure of being their own boss starts with having a fierce sense of independence. When this is successfully channeled into a business venture, the results are magnificent. When people in the business world look for success stories involving independence, they look to Brad Reifler. From his days as a young businessman who was determined to take the business world by storm, Brad has used his independent nature to start one successful company after another over the past 30 years.

Developing an interest in hedge funds and investments as a young man, Brad chose to make that his career path. Utilizing his time wisely to study such important topics as credit analysis and institutional research with regards to investing, Brad made sure he would not be outworked by any of his competition. Shortly thereafter, he decided to go make his dream of business ownership come true. Thus, his first and very successful company Reifler Trading Company was born. Viewed as a company that definitely did not do things the old-fashioned way, Brad made sure RTC got well-known by all those in the business of investments. Never afraid to let his businesses cloud his way of thinking, Brad made sure RTC became as well-known as possible. Developing unique sales strategies, using informational research to his advantage, and outworking the competition turned RTC into one of the world’s most successful futures trading companies. However, realizing new challenges were still ahead, Brad chose to sell RTC in 2000 to Refco, which then happened to be the biggest futures trading company in the world. Something that CrunchBase shows definitively.

After this, it’s quite apparent Brad learned how to use his fierce independence to his advantage, and has shared those tips with others. By doing so, he showed future entrepreneurs not only what it took to create his success, but their own as well.

What More Could You Ask for at Manse on Marsh?

The Scenery

To me, Manse on Marsh takes great pride in maintaining their grounds for the sake of their residents and guests. The lawns are always freshly cut, there is a large variety of seating arrangements and even paths to walk on for exercise. When it comes to the elderly, their outdoor time is something they look forward to on a daily basis. It really enlightens them when they go out to see beautiful gardening and landscaping. It is along the lines of therapeutic.

Comfortable Atmosphere

The atmosphere of Manse on Marsh is nothing but eccentric and relaxing, which is two things you need during the later years of life.If I had to choose one place on this earth to go once I retire and need some assistance, this would be one of my top choices. It seems as if everything is perfectly put together and nothing is found untidy. If you ask me, anyone in their right mind would choose this place for themselves or their loved one.

Housing Choices

Reviews show that the variety of housing offered at Manse on Marsh is extremely wide in variety. From cottages, to houses and even apartments, it is hard not to find what your looking for. My personal favorite part of the housing at Manse on Marsh is the fact that all homes, cottages and apartments have different floor plans for residents to choose from. Many facilities have hundreds of units with all the same floor plans, making for a rather dull experience. That is definitely not case at this place. Here, residents will have a difficult time trying to decide between the many housing opportunities offered to them by the Manse on Marsh. If it was me, I probably would never be able to decide in a fashionable period of time.  Contact information is available online.

Kyle Bass and Chain Reactions

Economic markets are co-dependent on one another in the same way the man standing on another man’s shoulders is dependent on the fellow below keeping his balance. The United States is like the acrobat atop the shoulders of a dozen other gymnasts, and China is like one of the guys on the corner of the pile having a cold that’s knocked him out of balance. In a word, the entire pyramid is compromised.

Kyle Bass has seen as much, understands why the compromise is happening, and has never been shy in expressing his views on the subject. Recently on Half Time, Bass and other financial expositors considered the Chinese economic market. Some felt as though it would be in a natural state of decline due to a natural peak. Bass felt the problem was much deeper, and pointed out that the Chinese economy bears striking resemblance to the European economy before its own bank-facilitated collapse. Likewise, China’s banks have been lending in substantial excess to the country’s Gross Domestic Product, or GDP. Bass pointed out on Half Time that China’s banks have the country down $35 trillion dollars, and that their yearly GDP is only $10 trillion. Bass has also pointed out in other interviews that countries which surround China have been lending to the ancient province “aggressively”, and Bass believes this will likewise lead to an economic implosion with global impact. According to Bass, China’s implosion will happen this year, 2016, and will affect the United States economy such that it declines between ten and twenty percent. The bears will be on Wall Street, as the saying goes.

There’s good reason to trust Bass’ judgement of China, even if Bass himself is slightly suspect. The man is from Argentina and currently works as a hedge fund manager out of Texas. Bass has ties to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, a well-known socialist leader of Argentina. Furthermore, Bass has been involved in the manipulation of the United States stock market through a “human rights” group that lowered pharmaceutical drug prices and subsequently the stock of those organizations–against which Bass short sold his own stock. Everyone became familiar with Bass in the financial world when he predicted America’s financial meltdown in 2008 through cogent understanding of the market on which the housing bubble was based. Bass also predicted a different economic meltdown in Japan that resulted in stimulus packages, and so the things he’s saying about China should make anyone paying attention to financial trends arch an eyebrow.  Although the verdict is out on whether Bass can be trusted or not.

The question becomes, though, whether or not Bass is even now trying to manipulate the market in his favor one way or another. It’s impossible to tell directly, but whatever the case, Chinese investments may not be the best idea for 2016.  More information about Bass can be found on Wikipedia.